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The Chance to Choose (audio)



“The Chance To Choose”

Originally Recorded 2009 for the Strange Places Record this track was never released. I was very pleased with how the string arrangements came out as well as the instrumentation on this track.


Vocals: Brendan James
Drums: Andrew McLean
Violin: Jeffrey Young
Cello: Yoed Nir

Mixed By Brendan James at Abstract Rhythm Brooklyn, NY

Strings Recorded 10/15/2008

Make The Choice – Lyrics


Global Gravity Feed – “Talk To Me” (extended)


“Talk to Me” (extended mix)


Another featured song  off the Global Gravity Feed project. This track was started in the Jamaica Plain Basement Studio sometime in 2004. In this collaboration between myself and fellow NEIA allum Roldy Cezaire we enlisted the help of bassist Josh Oliver who came up with the funky bassline which was pretty central to the song. My Roommate Ryan Coughlin laid down the light acoustic guitar riffs. Giros and shakers courteousy of yours truly as was my percussion technique at the time.


I resurrected this track in 2007 after moving to Brooklyn, NY. I was never satisfied with the lack of lyrical content (Roldy and I were never able to come up with any verses) and I hired the sexist BK rapper I knew - Tense D to lay down a verse. “Frozen out in Aspen” .. loved it.


This song was originally programmed in Digital Performer (v.4?)  using a variety of software instruments. I tightened up the drums which were all programmed in Intakt moving the patch over to Kontakt and Cubase  in 2007. The final mix of the song was done in Cubase sometime in 2010 at Abstract Rhythm Studio Brooklyn, NY. This is the first time that I have released the full version of “Talk to me” with the extended ”shoo bop” ending with vocals by an early Brendan James.




Vocals – Roldy Cezaire
Rap – Tense D
Bass – Josh Oliver
Guitar – Ryan Coughlin
Horns- Ben Syversen
Programming // Keys // Additional Vocals – Brendan James
© 2008 Baked Potato Music