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Brendan James

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I have a wide variety of experience assisting with all areas of the musical process

from creative concept and songwriting to technical aspects of recording engineering and mixing:

  • Rhythm Programming
  • Instrument Arrangement
  • Loop Based Music
  • Sample Library Organization
  • Live Drum Recording
  • File Session Management
  • Multi-Track Recording
  • Mixing
  • Vocal Tracking / Harmonies
  • Soldering, Rack Wiring


DAW / Music

««««« Steinberg Cubase
Professional operation studio recording and composition with 6 years daily experience. Extremely fast comping and editing -Proficiency to version 6.5.

««««« Degidesign Pro Tools
8 years experience with training on Pro Tools 6/7 (HD).
Limited usage up to version 10 with work at artist’s request.

««««« MOTU Digital Performer
Original programming / composition tool
Proficiency up to version 6.

««««« Ableton Live
Development of live patches / programming. Transitioning studio elements to live patches for MIDI control / artist performance.

Composition // arrangement tool
Proficient to Version 6.

Plug-ins / Software Instruments

««««« Native Instruments Kontakt
Sampler patch development / design for rhythmic & melodic instruments. Module programming, automation. Proficient to Version 5.


Production, Engineering and Mixing services for a wide range of musical styles.
Including: funk, soul, jazz downtempo / lounge, rock, pop and electronic



Location flexibility:

I can work with any budget in a local or remote setting combining the best of digital and analog technologies with studio locations in New York City and Denver, Colorado.

New York City Colorado
Abstract Rhythm Studio Elevation Sound Studios
10 Jay st 10,000 West 100th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Westminster, Co 80021

Feel free to contact me directly with project inquires as well as general questions:
(347) 403-9993


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