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Elvira K – “Can I See You Again?” (remaster)

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“Can I See You Again” Explained

This was one of my first projects I worked on after moving to New York City.I teamed up with, then 19 year old Estonian model / singer Elvira K who had a strange affinity for R&B and soul music.


For this song I kept the production pretty basic focusing on the fender Rhodes even using the lower register of the instrument for the bass line.  I attempted to play guitar but only got in a “soul slide” so that’s all I used. The Guiro, and strings  were inspired by Playing Your Game Baby by Barry white. Lyrical content more on the Stevie Wonder Side of things. I recorded the track in a Greenpoint studio / rehearsal space that I was sharing at the time, located a solid hour bike ride from my apartment in Sheepshead bay brooklyn.


This was the first time that I worked with drummer Andrew McLean, who replaced my programmed drums with  a reserved and perfectly pocketed hip-hop groove. I believe the same day we recorded the drums for another project, “Where We Go” which was originally going to be elvira’s tune as well.


We tracked the vocals for “Can I see you again” over a period of about a month layering Elvira’s multiple harmonies and working on the lyrics. We recorded the song line-by line to work out the phonics and rhymes and replaced the verses with live takes towards the end of the process. This was the first song elvira ever wrote.


A few months later I went up to boston with my mobile recording rig and got Ben Syversen to lay down a trumpet solo for this and the “where we go” track.



Written By B. James and Elvira K
all instruments by Brendan James
Drums – Andrew McLean
Trumpet – Ben Syversen

© 2008 Baked Potato Music