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Brendan James

Production & Recording Demo



Track Title, Artist Role

 Singer / Songwriter demos

01 Questions & Answers (acoustic) – Elvira K Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Magic moment when I got young estonian vocalist Elvira K. in the studio to track basics featuring Vita Tenga on Acoustic Guitar.

02 Questions & Answers (full) – Elvira K Producer, Engineer, Horn / String Arrangement, Mixing, Programming

Final arrangement of the song featuring upright bass, drums, congas, strings and horns.

03 Drown – Kelly Waters Producer, Engineer, ProgrammingString Arrangement, Musical Director

Kelly’s single from 2010 – I really like the mixture of the acoustic and electronic elements on this song. Drown was one of the first songs produced for her album using a studio band and string quartet on the choruses. This song was originally arranged electronically and replaced by live instruments throughout the recording process. Mastered by Joe Lambert.

04 If You Want Me – Kelly Waters Producer, Engineer, Musical Director, Mixing

Although this song was officially unfinished I really liked the feel of the track , it’s rawness and vocal harmonies. This started as an original acoustic demo afterwards I recruited several players and directed the final live recording session.

Electronic / Dance:

05 Strange Places (Beat Juggler Remix)- DJ Baked Potato Producer, Vocals, Programming, Bass, Mixing

Fast, syncopated programmed beat madness from alter-ego The Beat Juggler. 

Rap / Hip-Hop

06 “Sign Your Soul” – Kalae All Day Vocal Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

One of my favorite tracks from many hip-hop vocal sessions I did at Abstract Rhythm in Brooklyn, NY

01 “Hold U Down” – CJ Browne Vocal Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

We recruited drummer Andrew McLean to put some Curtis Mayfield-esqe backing vocals on the track, I directed all the vocal / harmonies and layering.

08 “IL Fantasma Della Scena” (AR Live Mix) – Giuann Shadai // Abstract Rhythm Producer, Engineer, Composition, String / Horn arrangement, Keys, Guitar, Mixing, Mastering

Mashup in an overseas collaboration with Italian Rapper Giuann Shadai featuring AR studio musicians.

09 “Get Your Swatta” – King Tut Producer, Engineer, Composition, String / Horn arrangement, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering

I am fan of positive hip-hop in a big way, I worked on several tracks for Brooklyn artist King Tut, fusing hip-hop stylings with Jazz aesthetics and a full band. Multi-track mixing in excess of 80 tracks.


10 “Lost Love” – The James Casey Group Tracking Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

Jazz Quartet recorded live in the same room – one of my favorite early sessions from AR *of note is the usage of the ArtVista Virtual Grand Piano and lush tone of the tenor sax using an AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone.

Arrangement Demos:

11 “Deeper Every Minute” – DJ Baked Potato Producer, Engineer, Composition, Arrangement, Keys, Programming, Mixing

Instrumental mashup, this song started entirely electronic and was replaced with a live drummer and string quartet.

12 “Foreign Ways” – DJ Baked Potato Producer, Engineer, Composition, String Arrangement, Keys, Programming, Mixing
13 “Every Day, Every One” Rio Hibino Producer, Engineer, Horn Arrangement, Keys, Bass, Programming, Musical Director, Mixing

Collaboration between myself and Ugo De Crescenzo (Italy) and Rio Hibino (Japan). Live Remix in AR style.

Lounge Demos

14 “Rio05” Rio Hibino Producer, Engineer, Bass, Programming, Horns, Musical Director, Mixing, Mastering

Another international collaboration – Jazz Funk Programming with elements of a live band. That’s me on the clarinet and Horn. Notable instrumentalists: Yang Yue on Erhu and Kato Ogawa (percussion).

15 “Rio06” Rio Hibino Producer, Engineer, Programming, Mixing

Second track I did with Rio when I realized that drums, bass and two chords were sufficient.

16 “Space Chemist” DJ Baked Potato Producer, Vocals, Programming, Mixing

From a strange single documenting the journey of the Space Cowboy A.K.A the Space Chemist.

17 “B’s Jamrock” Producer, Vocals, Programming, Keys, Mixing.
18 “Mnnhmm” – Global Gravity Feed (circ 2005) Producer, Programming, Bass, Keys
19 “Kaze (astro aesthetic remix)” – Yuichi Yosida Producer, Engineer, Programming, Mixing
20 “Why Don’t We go” – DJ Baked Potato Producer, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Mixing
21 “Torn Away” Jacob Jiles Assistant-Tracking Engineer, Mixing

From the first album I mixed in New York for Sharkmeat Records. Mastered by Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound