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Brendan James


I have a wide variety of experience assisting with all areas of the musical process

from creative concept and songwriting to technical aspects of recording engineering and mixing:

  • Rhythm Programming
  • Instrument Arrangement
  • Loop Based Music
  • Sample Library Organization
  • Live Drum Recording
  • File Session Management
  • Multi-Track Recording
  • Mixing
  • Vocal Tracking / Harmonies
  • Soldering, Rack Wiring


DAW / Music

««««« Steinberg Cubase
Professional operation studio recording and composition with 6 years daily experience. Extremely fast comping and editing -Proficiency to version 6.5.

««««« Degidesign Pro Tools
8 years experience with training on Pro Tools 6/7 (HD).
Limited usage up to version 10 with work at artist’s request.

««««« MOTU Digital Performer
Original programming / composition tool
Proficiency up to version 6.

««««« Ableton Live
Development of live patches / programming. Transitioning studio elements to live patches for MIDI control / artist performance.

Composition // arrangement tool
Proficient to Version 6.

Plug-ins / Software Instruments

««««« Native Instruments Kontakt
Sampler patch development / design for rhythmic & melodic instruments. Module programming, automation. Proficient to Version 5.