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Brendan James

Live Sound – Overview

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Live – a different world

Live sound typically involves long hours and short deadlines. The equipment selection is usually limited and the demands of the clients high. In show business boisterous and demanding personalities are the norm and when clients want something they want it pretty close or near now.


The live sound world requires a completely different skillset than the recording studio. The equipment is different, the challenges are different, and the time-frame is different. The largest factor during any event is time and the inevitable ”show must go on” philosophy that pushes you to think and react quickly once doors are open.

Early Years

I first began working live events while studying recording at my university in Boston. I found that I could make much more money than your standard recording studio internship. For me the growth opportunities in live sound were tangible and I could learn in the process.


I immediately got a jump on the Boston music scene working at The Paradise Rock Club  before I was old enough to get through the doors (I was eighteen). I freelanced with a latin sound company that brought in premiere latin acts from all over the world and learned a little Spanish in the process (in awkward situations when everyone was screaming at me).

Corporate Audio Visual

When I moved to New York City I began to focus more on corporate clientele and events with large budgets that allowed for the flexibility in planning. My work at black tie events and fundraisers put me in the driver’s seat operating acoustic performances with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga.

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