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Brendan James


New animation released from band Blue Monarch: You Are Gone | BLUE MONARCH from Serkan Ertekin on Vimeo. Love is something you need to fight for, struggle for. For the ones who have done anything on its chase of possession, recovery or failure. Directed by Serkan Ertekin. Production: Artechin Production Band: Blue Monarch.   The Video just released by Blue […]

This is the final version of the song that I worked on earlier last year. Recording done at Abstract Rhythm. I produced the song and assisted with the string arrangments with final transcription for string quartet done by Jeffrey Young.

Rusko – “I Love you” Abstract Rhythm Live Dubstep Cover (by AbstractRhythm) that’s me tweakin’…  more videos to come soon I just have to find the time to edit them! -B.james

A quick little video highlighting one of our Abstract Drum Loop sessions with Ryan Ramirez. Edited and recorded by yours truly. audio here:

Robot Girlfriend by O-Zi and Saeid mixed at Abstract Rhythm Recording by Brendan James Funn project here

ahh, the machines of the future welcome to the 21st century (I guess)

Snarky Puppy – Crazy Name but the band’s inSANE! One of the wickedest performance /recording videos I have seen in a while!