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Link: Somatik | Global Beats & Stylez

An interview with one of my favorite recording engineer / producers behind the artist 4hero, it’s a little dated but a lot of the topics are relovent including a discussion on new music styles and the speed of media dissemination has changed since the advent of the internet.

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Link: Consulting fee rates:

When you become a consultant, you’ll need to set consulting fees. Consultant pay and fees can be worked out in several ways. Here’s some information to help you figure out what clients should pay a consultant (some clients are still prone to consultant fee sticker shock, though). With this in mind, you can determine typical consultant rates — what companies pay consultants for their hours, days, projects and expert opinions. (This consultant fee guide has some interesting points for hiring a consultant for your business or non-profit and it covers what to pay a consultant, too.)

  • 15 Feb 11

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Link: Recording studio / Breakfast Lounge / Sleeping Pods?!

See if you can figure out what’s going on over at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. Are they a recording studio / Restaurant or Japanese hotel? You tell me.

Link: Spotify