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Brendan James

UR GUN-quikmaster by AbstractRhythm

Mixed and summed through our Allen & Heath Spectrum with her 16 channels of analog goodness. I am starting to see the benefits of mixing entirely analog with rock-style music.


This track was all recorded live simultaneously, with secondary acoustic and electric guitar overdubs. 88.2k to cubase – compression and eq during tracking.


Since I am dedicating this blog to the benefits of learning and higher knowledge here, for reference here is the UNMASTERED TRACK straight out of the console without any post-processing whatsoever:



UR GUN2-unmastered by AbstractRhythm

because this is ANAlog world the mix was comped live in recorded sections it took me approximately 20 passes for me to get it right! Rough master through the waves linear Multiband Compressor and Voxengo Elephant mastering limiter.

for more information on the artist check out: