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Brendan James

Moody Mammoth and the death of a giant

So this last week has been a heatbreak with the closing of three (3!_) recording studios in my building. Providing a sobering reminder as to how close to the bone those who work in this industry are. I first informed of the situation when a few clients of Moody Mammoth stoped by my studio the other day looking for a place in the building to resume their project. “no way,” I responded, in bafflement when they told me that a few people were already demolishing the space downstairs. Sure enough, after rushing down to investigate I found the a small party at MM dismantling the acoustic treatment from the the control room.

Moody Mammoth was a fabulous facility approximately twice the size of AR with 3 rooms, and rehearsal studios, run by fellow recording engineer / DJ / remixer Stephano Zazzera. Facing a family emergency back in his home country Stephano was forced to travel back to Italy to care for his ailing father the previous month. and there he was speaking through skype video chat directing the move.

It was obvious that the situation happened fast and the place was a wreck of recording gear, instruments, PA’s and musical equipment, half organized into piles of like-gear. Speaking to the dis-embodied Stephano I was asked if I wanted anything. Being at the closure of a freind’s studio is a discomforting thing. As I studio owner experiencing the shutdown of a fellow business I get this terrible premonition of the dismemberment of my own operation. I was happy for Stephano that he didn’t have to go through this 1st hand, it was painful for me! I explored the ruins trying to fight the incessant guilt of a vulture amongst raw meat. In the end I ended up nabbing some new speakers for our live room and about 10 or so mic / guitar and keyboard stands.

And? Yes that’s about it, another studio bites the dust we are down to 3 in my building now and I know the other owners can feel it, the comradeship is growing not through fear but through necessity. RIP Moody Mammoth!