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Brendan James

Lizzy Parks – Raise the Roof (2008)

Track of the day Raise The Roof by Lizzy Parks.

Today I took the opportunity to buy Lizzy Parks album of the same name “Raise the Roof” (2008).  I am used to Lizzy’s sound from the Tru thoughts Shapes series: and her style is HEAVY: light and lush vocal harmonies, brilliant horn and string arrangements, pristine production. In short: right up my ally; I love it!

This album is very pleasing on the ears, her voice is light and very present and the style drifts from laid back to downright banging through the use of a very live and natural recording and mix. Man they do Jazz right in the U.K!

When a female vocalist captivates me I fall in LOVE. Catch me listening through an entire album and the joy usually fades by the end, I don’t know, it’s just hard to listen to the same voice for 60 minutes you know? Lizzy’s voice is different, she’s calm, never overpowering, possessing a prowess that cuts through dense passages even at low volume. The album is paces brilliantly building and dissolving in waves of misty jazz euphoria, it is both dark and extremely positive. The strength of lizzy’s voice lies in the simple airiness of her note delivery, with just enough jazz chops and range to make it interesting.