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Elvira K – “Can I See You Again?” (remaster)

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“Can I See You Again” Explained

This was one of my first projects I worked on after moving to New York City.I teamed up with, then 19 year old Estonian model / singer Elvira K who had a strange affinity for R&B and soul music.


For this song I kept the production pretty basic focusing on the fender Rhodes even using the lower register of the instrument for the bass line.  I attempted to play guitar but only got in a “soul slide” so that’s all I used. The Guiro, and strings  were inspired by Playing Your Game Baby by Barry white. Lyrical content more on the Stevie Wonder Side of things. I recorded the track in a Greenpoint studio / rehearsal space that I was sharing at the time, located a solid hour bike ride from my apartment in Sheepshead bay brooklyn.


This was the first time that I worked with drummer Andrew McLean, who replaced my programmed drums with  a reserved and perfectly pocketed hip-hop groove. I believe the same day we recorded the drums for another project, “Where We Go” which was originally going to be elvira’s tune as well.


We tracked the vocals for “Can I see you again” over a period of about a month layering Elvira’s multiple harmonies and working on the lyrics. We recorded the song line-by line to work out the phonics and rhymes and replaced the verses with live takes towards the end of the process. This was the first song elvira ever wrote.


A few months later I went up to boston with my mobile recording rig and got Ben Syversen to lay down a trumpet solo for this and the “where we go” track.



Written By B. James and Elvira K
all instruments by Brendan James
Drums – Andrew McLean
Trumpet – Ben Syversen

© 2008 Baked Potato Music


Apparent Concern – “Cold” (re-release extended remaster)


This was a small artist production project I did when I lived in Boston with for an artist named Beth Chandler – Circa 2006

Beth, a native of the Northeast considers herself “first and foremost a Poet”,

she elaborates:
BC – “All of my songwriting begins as poetry…all of which are inspired by emotional situations I’m facing. Most of my lyrics revolve around love relationships gone wrong, which is pretty common I’m sure!”

With lyricism as the stronghold, the music fell into a position of respective ambience, a genre DJ Bak(ed P)otato knows well:

BP – “With (Apparent Concern), Beth and I both found ourselves focusing more on the lyrical content than the beats themselves. We would have sessions where we would be spend all of the time just writing, trying to come up with ways to best express ideas that we both held, and knew every body else had felt but couldn’t voice. In working on the musical content I always gave Beth the center of attention, dealing with sounds thatt were more ambient, full and lush.”