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Scott Hull’s Custom mastering piece


You know you’ve made it when… you have a Manley piece custom crafted for you (@Scott Hull)

Visit to Masterdisk NYC


Tim Boyce at Masterdisk yesterday

Spring Flower Darkness (PICSPORADIC)

spring flower darkness

I’m really excited about how some of my spring flowers in darkness photos came out last night, check out the rest of my set here:

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Dreary day on Williamsburg Pier


it’s a dreary day in brooklyn

Rusko – “I Love you” Abstract Rhythm Live Dubstep Cover (by AbstractRhythm) that’s me tweakin’…  more videos to come soon I just have to find the time to edit them! -B.james


oh, this is chill right here…

jhene aiko f/ kendrick lamar & hope

Visit to Vinegar Hill Sound


I got to visit with Justin King at Vinegar Hill Sound yesterday. The recording studio has been in construction for the last year and is really starting to come together!


A quick little video highlighting one of our Abstract Drum Loop sessions with Ryan Ramirez. Edited and recorded by yours truly. audio here:

Abstract Rhythm Drum Loop of the Day


Drum Loop of the Daze..


The Abstract Rhythm Drum Loop of the day series continues… it has been 35 days here and the loops don’t stop!


This has been a great endeavor for myself and one Ryan Ramierz as we work both of our setups to give you the phattest, gnarliest loops processed chopped and served in a particularly Abstract fashion.


When I started this project I had no idea what type of work would be entailed with coming up with a loop-a-day. I’ve consistently tried to keep the creative aspect of these loops high with an emphasis on diversity in tempos and textures. As you can guess it has been a daily process with me the studio working on editing and post fx. Me an Ryan have been recording about 15-20hrs a week, you can listen to the latest fruits of our loops here:


Abstract Rhythm Drum Loop of the day 04-12-2011-BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED_142BPM

We have had a great response from Dubstep and Drum & Bass entusiasts with over 4k plays in the last month!! Next step up is to start programming and chopping .rex files as well as building sampler patches for Ableton and kontakt for the full release keep updated at:

Ryan Ramirez in Studio A

ramirez photo of the day

Photo of the day


Ryan Ramirez in Studio A

more photos: