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GBM 06-01: Wetterhorn Peak











After discovering I’d Camped at the Wetterhorn Basin Trailhead the night before I packed up camp and went to climb the 14,000 ft peak. The basin trail didn’t go directly to the mountain but I figured I would be easy enough to make my way one I caught a glimpse of it.The night before had been very cold and my tent was covered and stiff with a hard frost, the motorbike too was covered with a thin sheet of crystalized ice.

Ice on the bike from the hard frost in the Uncompahgre National Forest

Ice on the bike from the hard frost in the Uncompahgre National Forest

I boiled up a pot of tea and watched the shadows recede from the Vally in the rising sun. All around me the foliage peaked in vibrant colors of gold red and orange. Entire hillsides lit up like fire in the morning light slicing horizontally through the yellow boughs.


I was excited to get moving. Every morning since I began this trip I have been seized by the excitement of the opportunities of the day to come. Three days on the road and I have already found my nitch in constant movement. Constant stimulation along with the paradox of such little time to stop, get off the bike and dive into it.  But the day was young, the tea finished and I was ready to dive into this patchwork quilted hillside before me, to the wetter horn!


So I headed out up the overgrown jeep trail to where the trees would subside signaling the arrival of the alpine. I was surrounded by meadows with short grass and stubby cliffs – I could not see the Wetterhorn but I knew it was there.

Alpine Meadows in the uncompahgre

Alpine Meadows in the uncompahgre

After leaving Lake City






Days on bike: 3
Daily Distance: km
Elevation Gain: + m
Elevation Loss: - m
Total Distance: km
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GPS Data: Google Map

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